Heart and Mind Glycerite Gift Box

  • Heart and Mind Glycerite Gift Box
  • Heart and Mind Glycerite Gift Box
  • Heart and Mind Glycerite Gift Box

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Heart and Mind Glycerite Gift Box contains three ingestible glycerite tinctures for ultimate heart and mind wellness. These three herbs are our favorite here at Land of Milk and Honey Herbalism. Each single herb tincture compliments one another.

Tulsi Basil works with the whole body as a gentle adaptogen. Adaptogens strengthen the body systems most influenced by stress. Tulsi Basil enhances the spirit, regulates the mood, and grounds during times of anxiety. (Ingredients: Fresh Tulsi Basil (Occimum Africanum)**, Vegetable Glycerin*, and Grain Alcohol))

Rosa Centifolia is a natural aphrodisiac gently arousing excitement and zest for life. Rose is a grief herb, gently holding the heart during challenging times. Rose is cooling and dispersive helping to balance out heat in the body. (Ingredients: Dried Rosa Centifolia*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Filtered Water)

Motherwort, Leonurus Cardiaca, "Heart of the Lion" helps calm hearts based anxiety, grief, and depression. This is the perfect remedy for in-the-moment overwhelm and panic. (Ingredients: Fresh Motherwort** (Leonurus Cardiaca, Vegetable Glycerin*, and Grain Alcohol)

*Denotes USDA Organic Product
** Denotes Homegrown or Locally Resourced Ingredient
**Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.