Small Batch Herbalism

Land of Milk and Honey Herbal Wellness Products are carefully crafted to honor the complexities of the body through a balance of simple, house-made, and sustainably resourced botanical ingredients.

Ingredients are either foraged, grown on the Land of Milk and Honey Herbalism homestead, or resourced sustainably and ethically. The apothecary is wholesome, vast, and expansive. We take refuge in the old ways by honoring each batch of products and paying respect to the plants.

The wellness product line is constantly growing and developing to encompass the nuances of botanical topical care items, ingestible tinctures, glycerites, and vinegar tonics. 

Land of Milk and Honey Herbalism is accessible herbalism. Through my zine collection, I offer fun, exploratory reading and art forms for people of all ages and backgrounds. The same is to be said regarding the remedies. Slow is key, wholesome and handmade is at the heart.